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Every band should have a good sound system and good sound engineer to make you and your band sound great and to help run it all smoothly without fuss.

DC Production work with a wide range of Bands including Kaleigh Bands, Rock Bands, Jazz Trios, Tribute Bands and Solo Artists. We tailor systems to the band and the amount of people in the band. No band is ever the same and the set-up always differs depending on band type, band amount and location. Venues vary so often so we always have to modify systems slightly depending on where we are. Locations can include sports halls, community centres, clubs, houses, bars, barns and more.

Also, bands should be seen, so lighting is also very important, especially in a pub in the evenings as these can get dark fairly quickly. We can offer various different types of lighting solutions for your bands performances such as LED Backlighting with front light. This is a basic band lighting package but is simple, yet effective.

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Stuart Townend UK Tour

Litten Tree Music Festival

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